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1855, The year when the majestic Fairy Queen rolled out for the erstwhile East Indian Railway. For the first time after 1908, the Fairy Queen rolled again on Feb. 1st, 1997 from Delhi to Alwar. The steam engine is the oldest working engine in the world. Finding its pride of place in the Guinness Book of World Records and also capturing the National Tourism Award, this prestigious pristine beauty that graces the National Rail Museum, New Delhi, is steaming once again. The Queen, with the privileged ones aboard reaches the picturesque town of Alwar in Rajasthan the same day, from where the guests are taken to Sariska National Park. The selected guests will certainly go back with fond memories of a once-in-a lifetime experience. Go ahead and book your journey back into time.


Day 1
Dep. DelhiCantt.   0900  hrs.
Arr. Alwar 1500 hrs.
Day - 2
Dep.  Alwar   1300 hrs.
Arr.   Delhi Cantt.  1845 hrs. 
Earlier worked from Howrah to Raniganj (121 miles) on EIR
1895 Christened as ’Fairy Queen’
1908 Stopped Service
1971 First exhibit of National Rail Museum
1996 Completely overhauled in Perambur workshop of Southern Railway
1997 Revived for working on main line. Chair car for carrying 60 passengers and service car including Generator (230V supply) & Compressor (Air Brakes for the train) readied for the engine to work commercial trips.
18.07.97 First commercial trip
13.01.98 Certification of Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest working locomotive
25.01.99 National Tourism award given by Prime Minister of India for the most innovative & unique tourism project